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OSUBOB's updated top 25

1. Texas- I just cant keep them out of this spot anymore with the last 2 impressive wins these guys have.  Colt Mccoy is completing 80%... yes 80% of his passes and in the past 2 games is completing almost 90% against Oklahoma and Mizzu, the 2 biggest games they have layed in so far.  Colt Mccoy right now is the heisman trophy winner barring a disaster in the last quarter of the season.  No breaks for these guys next week as they host undefeated Oklahoma St, IMO expect to see the same thing you did against Mizzu

2. Alabama- they dropped in my poll not due to me not thinking they are good but more because of how Texas has played against top competition.  I do have one concern with Bama and that is second half focus.  The ystruggled a lot after gettign out to big leads against UGA and Ole Miss to stay focused and just put the teams away i nthe second half, this could come back to bite them this year if not fixed, but I am sure Saban is well aware of the issue... other wise 24-3 at half against Ole Miss was impressive.  Next up, Tennesee on the road which could be tough, Tenn played very well against Miss St this past wekeend and does have talent, however Bama continues to roll IMO into Baton Rouge on Nov 8th

3. Penn St- This team is scary good right now.  Struggled a little in the first half against a Michigan team that plays hard, but came out and blew the top off with a second half performance that was even tough for me to watch and I hate Michigan.  Royster, Williams, and Clark are one hell of a 3 headed monster and these guys may be the most impressive team in college football on both sides of the ball all together.  Going into the Shoe coming up to face a Buckeyes team that looks like it may be turning the corner from its early season humbling by USC.  Prime Time under the lights in Columbus and as much as I hate to say it I do see Penn St continuing their winning streak against my Buckeyes, but could be a great game and I can see it going either way, depends on what OSU team shows up

4. Florida- has a bye week so no need ot move them down and to me with LSU beatign a very good SC team validates that win as even more impressive.  Florida rolls over Kentucky next week at home and rides high into the Cocktail Party to face UGA. 

5. USC- For me 69-0 is always impressive, even if Wash St has surrendered 60 plus points in 3 games this year but nonetheless impressive.  I just keep looking at this schedule and I just cant see these guys losing, although I said the same before they lost to the Beavers.  USC rolls into Arizona next week fresh off a beatdown of Cal but wont matter, USC rolls Arizona next week.

6. Oklahoma- beats a solid Kansas team by 2 td's which to me is impressive.  If Colt Mccoy wasnt in the picture Sam Bradford would be at the top of my heisman list after throwing for 3 td's, no picks, and over 450 yards this guy just continues to pile up the numbers.  At Kansas St next weekend and should roll again.  Oklahoma has a pretty easy schedule coming up with K-state, Nebraska, and Texas A&M in the next 3 weeks and then host Texas Tech and Okie St to finish off.  I dont see this team losing the rest of the way, only problem is that Texas would have to lose twice for Oklahoma to get the nod to the big 12 title game, not likely for the Sooners IMO

7. Georgia- These guys are kind of flying under the radar and I htink they like it that way.  Just beat a good Vandy team and the game was never in question.  Matt Stafford and company dont have a lot of time to enjoy this win however as they have to go into Baton Rouge this weekend and take on a good LSU team.  Dont let the Florida beat down fool you LSU is a solid team and at home, one of the toughest places to play in all of college football, this game wont be easy.  I do see UGA pulling out a win and meetiing up with Florida the next weekend to help clear things up in the SEC East.  I dont envy their schedule at all but if thye can get through the next 2 unscathed, they have a couple of tune ups with Kentucky and Auburn before facing their rival GT, who is playing really well right now.  Hand down toughest schedule in the country IMO.

8. Oklahoma St- still not sold on this team as Mizzu has show to be a little overhyped possibly but after a good win against Baylor have to be in the top ten.  Unfortunately for these guys they have to go into Austin and face the hottest team in the country right now with who I think also has the bets player in college football right now in Colt Mccoy.  I dont see them winning this week but being undefeated right now have to give them some props, depending on how the game turns out against Texas if thye win they jump way up, if they lose, thye shouldnt fall far.

9. Ohio St- I finally moved them back into the top 10 after them showing a little bit more of what a lot of people expected this weekend in East Lansing.  The D was all over the field creating turnovers and stuffing Javon Ringer all day.  The Buckeyes took a commanding lead and never looked back against a very solid MSU team that got brought back down a little to reality.  Buckeyes host Penn ST in the game which will decide the Big Ten IMO.  As much as I would liek to see I see OSU winning I just cant right now because I am not sure which team will show up.  However if their D continues at the level it has been the past 2 weeks, it should be a good one.  THis could be a coming out party for Pryor, or it could show that he is still a true freshman with some work to do. 

10. Texas Tech- Another team that graces my top 10 for the first time this year.  IMO though this is the same old high octane offense no defense Texas Tech teams of the past.  What can you say about their offense though my goodness!  Harrell and Crabtree right now have to be in the heisman conversation as they continue to put up goudy numbers week in and week out.  They go into Kansas this weekend against a pretty shotty Kansas D and should be a high scoring affair but I do see TT winning and being undefeated before their matchup in Austin the following week.

11.LSU- everyone has a bad game and I think the Florida game was one of those games.  They went into Columbia and beat a quality opponent on the road which was impressive.  Cant enjoy it long though as they host UGA this coming weekend in a classic SEC battle... I expect this game to be a lot closer than the debacle with Florida hoerver I do see LSU losing a hard fought game to UGA, if the game is close dont expect this team to move back much in the polls, and if they win it will be tough for me to decide where they belong at this point.

12. Missouri-  I am going to get castrated for having these guys so high but let me give you my reasoning... even though there are stil lsome undefeateds that I will rank lower I still think in a head ot head matchup that this team would beat the likes of Utah, Boise St, SOuth Florida, TCU, Pitt, Georgia Tech, etc...  They have a great offense and still IMO could beat any of the teams I am going to list behind them and that how I have decided to do my rankings, not by shear records.  Sure they lost 2 in a row but with their last games as Colorado, Baylor, Kansas St, Iowa St, and Kansas... this team will win the rest of its games and likely get a rematch at Texas in the big 12 title game.

13. Utah- undefeated and play their 2 toughest games at home against TCU and BYU.  It is tough to call after the way TCU handled what was then the numebr 6 team in the country so not sure out of those top MWC teams is the best, right now Utah is undefeated so I will have to go with them.  Next week trhye have a bye before going into New Mexico who just dropped 70 points this past weekend, so maybe they will challenge??? No way, this team will be undefeated going into the Nov 6th matchup at home against TCU

14. Pittsburgh- This team is starting to play like the team I thought they would be pre season.  lesean Mccoy has broken out of his sophomore slump since they played Syracuse and have rolled since after destroying a solid Navy team 42-21.  Have a cupcake at home vs Rutgers next week then roll into SOuth Bend to take on the Irish... man JSS who do you root for in this one?  For me Pitt is the class of the Big East right now

15. South Florida- With the only loss to Pitt, this team is still pretty solid after a beatdown of lowly Syracuse.  Have a tough game at Louisville next week but should win that one.  With the big east still up in the air who knows, we could see this team in a BCS bowl.

16. TCU- well I didnt even have these guys ranked last week so they made the biggest jump in my poll for sure.  Absolutely pounded BYU who I thought didnt play well at all, and it was on the road, so dont discredit this win for TCU because BYU is still a very solid football team.  A game in two weeks at Utah should help clear up the top of the MWC

17. Boise St- this team is the class of the WAC and I dont see them losing a game this year.  Their remaining schedule is San Jose St, New Mexico St, Utah St, Idaho, Nevada, and Fresno St who they play at home.  Undefeated WAC school but lets be real, they have a cake schedule and beat Oregon, who IMO will lose 2-3 more games this year.  Just dont know what to think about this team, hopefully they play someone good and I think right now the most likely non BCS team to go to a BCS bowl because TCU, BYU, and Utah all play eachother and will likely knock eachother out.

18. Georgia Tech- tough win at Clemson this past weekend and rolling to a 6-2 start under new coach Paul Johnson.  Tough game at home next week in Virginia, as they just ousted UNC who was a top 20 team.  Should be a good game as Virgina has run 3 wins in a row against good teams in Maryland, ECU, and UNC.  However they have one of the otughest schedules remaining with Virginia, Florida St, at UNC, Miami, and at UGA to fininsh, so we wil lget a good idea of how good this team is.

19. Boston College- right now this team is just a field goal away from being undefeated and just won a close game against VT.  ANother team in the ACC that has a tough schedule to go with at UNC, Clemson, Notre Dame, at FSU, at Wake, and Maryland to cap it off.  ACC IMO from top to bottom is very very tough week in and week out, no clear cut top teams but every team is solid.

20. Florida St- It seems like this is kind of a forgotten team but only have one loss to a solid Wake Forest team.  Christian Pnder has added a spark to thier offense and the D is playing real well.  Again the ACC is tough with a lot of very solid teams, FSU looks good right now, we will know more after next weeks showdown at GT.

21. Minnesota- What a turen around for this team from last year.  Tim Brewster right now is the coach of the year turning this team from a one win team to just a one loss team halfway through the season.  They have played the toughes tpart of their schedule with their only loss to top 10 Ohio St. and beating a very decent Illinois team on the road.  They have at Purdue, NW, Michigan, at Wisky, and Iowa to finish up.  IMO this team finishes 9-3. We will see if they can keep it going on the road against Purdue next week.

22. Kansas- I am giving htem the benefit of the doubt here because thye did play Oklahoma tough as well as lost a last second game to USF.  However they need to show thye can win a big game not just play close in them this year...  Texas Tech this coming week is a good time to show it

23. Arizona- this team is also just a few points away from being undefeated.  Just beat a good Cal team handily.  USC comes to town this weekend and gives them a chance to show how good they are as it seems eveyrone think USC will roll the rest of the season. I like this team though so far, Willie Tuitama is underrated at qb with 15 tds and only 3 picks on the year, Nic Grigsby has 9 rushing td's and is averaging 6 yards a carry. I think they may pose a rpoblem for USC coming up, but wont win.

24. Northwestern- sure thye slipt up against Mich St but I will cut them a break with how impressibely their offense rolled against a bad Purdue team. 6-1 with Indiana coming up next so they should roll inot Minnesota 7-1 witn Minnesota liekly 7-1 also... what is the world coming to?

25.Ball St/Tulsa/BYU.- Fine I will do it, there, I rank them... still dont think they would be Notre Dame, Cal, Illinois, Mich St, Iowa, Maryland, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, etc...

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College Football top 25 preseason

Hey this is OSUBOB's top 25... this is an awesome idea though thanks for including me... should be fun! It is kind of like a dream come true to be a voter haha.

1. Georgia - had to... i don't think they get through without 2 losses but who knows that could land them in the NC game

2. Ohio State - may be a little bit homerish but they are loaded, we will see how legit they are in the third week... prediction Beanie Wells if he stays healthy wins the heisman

3. Oklahoma - again it is hard for me ot put them here because of their recent BCS struggles but they are talented and I dont think the big 12 will be nearly as competitive as last year

4. Florida - We know about their offense, if they can get some decent D look out, may be the best offense we see in a long time

5. USC - Their D will be unreal, lost a ton of people though so will need to develop quickly

6. LSU - They are the defending National Champs and have talent for days... similar situation to USC just a tougher schedule overall IMO

7. Missouri - Chase Daniel and crew should be pretty strong... not good enough to beat Oklahoma

8. Wisconsin - QB may be a problem but they have great rb's and a strong D... little scared for the bucks going into Madison this year

9. West Virginia - Pat White, Noel Devine, play in the big east which will be down this year IMO from last year

10. Clemson - Always seem to drop a game or 2 that they have no business losing, we will see

11. Auburn - Could be a sleeper this year in the mighty SEC

12. Texas - Colt Mccoy is a junior and should have a good year... losing Jamall Charles certainly is a big loss

13. Arizona St - can they be the first one to knock off the mighty Georgia? Should be a good game, if it was in Georgia though I dont think it would be nearly as big of a game

14. Virginia Tech - ACC may be a little stronger than people think... solid D and special teams as usual... whos their qb again?

15. Penn St. - a ton of off field problems but pretty talented

16. BYU - BCS bowl bound IMO

17. Texas Tech - great O no D... Michael Crabtree is sick

18. Tenn - need a qb to step up

19. Kansas - they have a tougher schedule this year but did only lose one game last year to a top 10 team... I thought I said the big 12 wasnt going to be that good and now I have 5 teams in the top 20 so let me clarify... signmificant drop off after oklahoma IMO

20. Fresno St. - Maybe better than BYU but tougher schedule

21. Illinois - I htink this team takes a step back this year from an overacheiving squad last year. Mendenhall is a HUGE loss

22. Pitt - Mccoy is a stud... good recruits... is the year a put up or pack up for Davey?

23. Mich St - I actually love this squad... experience at qb with Hoyer and a rb that everyone will know at the end of the year if they dont already in Javon Ringer... love Mark D as a head coach

24. Cincy - another team with question marks at QB...

25. UCLA - this is my surprise pick. Under new coaching with Neuheisal and Chow i think this team could surprise some Pac- 10 foes. Not really that big of a reach with the 25th ranking though side notes look out for Miami and FSU to threaten again this year... not great but more scary than the past few years IMO

look out for Miami and FSU to be better this year than recent years
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